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Diaper changes could be contributing to constipation and fussiness for your baby



As a chiropractor, I definitely have become more aware of all of the daily activities and repetitive motions that can create and contribute to vertebral subluxations in adults but it has honestly taken becoming a mom for me to realize the impact on our babies and children. A vertebral subluxation is defined as “a diminished state of being, comprising of a state of reduced coherence, altered biomechanical function, altered neurological function and altered adaptability” (Australian Spinal Research Foundation). The honest truth is these subluxations are not always created from physical traumas or repetitive movements, but if they are they can be easier to correct.


One of those repetitive activities for taking care of babies is...changing diapers. And you probably don't think twice about scooping up their legs and lifting their bums to get that last piece of poop or that raging blowout that went up the back. BUT every time you do this you are hyperflexing the same spot (usually the upper lumbars) multiple times a day that can create a vertebral subluxation in your infant! In fact, if you notice that your baby is arching their back a lot or if they have developed more constipation or fussiness you should consider taking them to a chiropractor to get checked and CHANGE the way you change their diaper! This is most important for infants before they learn to crawl because as they learn to crawl they start to develop a natural lumbar lordotic curve. Here is a short video to show you the proper way to change a diaper to avoid the repetitive hyper flexion stress on their spine.




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