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My Story

Why I do what I do

 Growing up with an emphasis on whole food nutrition, I learned an important piece to health and wellness early on--but I realized it wasn't everything. Not that I ever had a huge disability or disease process to overcome--I just have always been a sensitive individual. Easily affected by food that I eat, people I am surrounded by, situations I am in, my own judgmental mind, and as a child and young adult a rollercoaster of emotions. So I looked outside of myself to ease my "pain," which was mostly internal, in alcohol, relationships, overeating, shopping and exercising. And when those didn't work beyond a temporary fix I looked to yoga, spiritual readings, church and meditation. All of which helped immensely. When I went to chiropractic school I felt a sense of community and tribe I had never experienced before. It was where I really discovered chiropractic and Network Spinal and I experienced healing in my body-mind-spirit in ways I had never known possible. Hearing stories of miracles in healing on a daily basis and then seeing that unfold in my life, my peers and other people was awe-inspiring. The fire was lit- I was determined to be a positive force in my family and community, to help people come to their own wholeness and expression of their highest potential. Through all of the modalities and techniques I have explored and practiced over the last 10-20 years I have found one principle that has remained constant: the power of healing lies within each and every one of us. Our body's and beings long to be whole, complete, healed and evolving. Our journeys are all different, our motivations many. Our unique puzzle pieces that create harmony are multi-factorial and we require a non-linear approach to healing and evolving because of this. Chiropractic is not about neck and back pain, although easing that is a great side effect. Chiropractic is about Life. Claim yours.